Do Penis Exercises Work?

What are penile exercises?

Well to explain it in a simple manner, penis exercises are designed to help facilitate a change in the penis itself. These are regimens that may focus on strengthening the skeletal muscles that support the penis. The muscles in the pelvic floor for instance, or to stretch and expand the penile tissues themselves in order to manufacture new cell growth.

Men have always wondered if their penis is big enough for the opposite sex.

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Much like exercises for other parts of your body, penile exercises are many and varied but the intent is the same and that is to increase tissue mass. Bigger is better right?

You can take these exercises as far as you would like, you can combine multiple techniques from various regimens, or stick to one basic exercise. These regimens can be dangerous, you should never start out with the most advance exercise you can find, thinking that it will garner the most results.

The truth is, you are more likely to injure yourself than to do any actual extending.

You should start with the most basic penile exercises and see if they can produce the results you are looking for before advancing your regime. People always want to do things the easiest way possible, and manually is easier and cheaper than purchasing devices that can help to lengthen your penis.

However, cheapness without results doesn’t really help anything does it?

Results will vary from person to person, but most men find that manual extension exercises can be ineffective and are very time consuming.

The reality is that when it comes to doing manual exercises to lengthen your penile tissues, you need to be aware that they likely won’t work. Whether this is due to inconsistent regimens or just general ineffectiveness is unknown. You can’t just bulk up your penis like you would your quads or biceps since it is not a muscle. These exercises are purported to lengthen the penile tissue, by stretching the skin itself.

The problem with this is, without sustained traction on the tissue you will be having about as much of an affect as pinching your arm, when you release it immediately goes back to its original form.

What is Jelq?

A popular example of a penile lengthening technique is call jelqing.

This is essentially a regimen of tugging exercises. Of course, this technique has an “ancient pedigree” which means it is totally bogus. You will hear about how this has been passed down from father to well hung son over the centuries, but the details to this magic are hidden behind websites that need a credit card along with a hefty payment.

These exercises involve a lot of work, most of the time up to an hour of firm and consistent yanking every day. So, you not only are using a lot of valuable time to accomplish this, you have to have total privacy, these aren’t bicep curls you are doing. The thing about this exercise is, you are supposed to accomplish it without ever having your penis become erect, which can be a real problem for most men. When you jelq, you are sequestered for an hour or more daily, with little to no noticeable results.

Other exercises involve hanging weights from your penis. The problems with this should be obvious, but we will still explain them. You are hanging a weighted object on soft tissue that was never intended to lift anything. This is not your hand or arm, you are weighing down your penis, and that is inherently dangerous. You can experience tearing of penile tissue, broken blood vessels, it is actually possible to fracture or sprain your penis which will result in incredible pain and possible surgery.